Can CBD Oil Actually Help Your Anxiety?

Here’s the reality: 40 million US adults, or over 18% of the entire US population, suffers from a type of anxiety disorder. CBD oil is an admired product for easing symptoms of numerous illnesses and even treatment of pain , migraines , epilepsy, sleeplessness , anxiety, etc. However, marijuana has a higher concentration of THC. […]

Does Hemp Oil Have CBD?

When friends first told me about CBD and how it helped keep them relaxed yet still focused throughout the day, I became very curious. To put simply, Hemp Oil does not contain any cannabinoids and functions more as a naming convention for products that use derived material from hemp or cannabis plants (making it more confusing […]

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It’s a question which usually crosses the minds of people when they are considering whether to buy cannabis or cannabis-based products. A discussion on the benefits of CBD oil, however, wouldn’t be complete without highlighting the potential adverse health effects as well. Rub CBD oil on the desired area first, using enough to wet the […]